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When someone from Alexandria, Silver Spring or McLean asks a Fauquier County resident where they live, many times they respond with the question, “Ever been to the Gold Cup?” Nearly 100,000 people from around the world visit Fauquier County each year to witness the oldest steeplechase race in the country. And even though The Virginia Gold Cup and International Gold Cup are two of our County’s largest draws, they are only the beginning of the rich experiences you’ll find so close to our Nations capital.

Each Friday night in the Spring and Fall tailgators gather at Great Meadow in The Plains forTwilight Polo. Fun for all ages, the matches feature outstanding competition, a beautiful view of the landscape, and a chance see an old friend or find a new one.

The Upperville Horse Show is one of the premier events in the world of equestrian sports, and is held year each June. It features the prestigious $100,000 Budweiser Upperville Jumper Classic along with several days of competition leading up to this world class event. You are very likely to see an Olympic hopeful, or a past Olympic medalist in the competition.

Each weekend you’ll find a full calendar of horse events taking place in Fauquier County. From Fox Hunting to Steeplechase, we have it all for the equestrian enthusiast. If you come out to visit and enjoy one of these activities, be careful! You won’t want to leave!

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